Garnier Skin Active Face Masks

I love a good pamper session and am always on the look out for products that will soothe my skin and lift my spirits. That’s why when I spotted this new range of masks for Garnier I was immediately intrigued to try them out.  Firstly, I was impressed with the range they have for different skin types and problem areas.  Secondly, each of these masks comes with a range of other products such as face washes and toners to complement its use.  So find the right mask, and you’ve probably found the right skincare range for you.  And can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging?  Colourful and vibrant, these packet masks scream freshness, vibrancy and “Try me!”.

There are 5 different varieties in these particular packets and at £1.50 a packet, they’re not too expensive.  Especially as each packet has more than enough product for 2 uses, so as long as you keep it sealed in between uses it’s even better value.  I haven’t come across anything on Garnier’s website to suggest that you will be able to buy your favourite in a full-size tub or tube, as this would be ideal – let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Aqua Mask

This is a mask for dehydrated skin, with key ingredients of pomegranate and glycerin.  Designed to give skin an immediate bouncy and fresh look, it also helps to keep the skin hydrated and suppler in the long-term.  Simply smooth a thin layer over the face and leave for a few minutes to do its magic.  Then either massage the remaining layer into your skin or remove with dampened cotton pads or a flannel.  Although this isn’t a mask necessarily designed for my skin type, I found it great to use when the weather’s been a little harsh and your skin needs a pick me up of moisture.

Honey Mask

This is a mask designed to regenerate the skin, leaving it nourished and velvety.  With key ingredients of honey and ceramide, this is another mask that you smooth onto the skin, leave to work for a few minutes and then either massage in the excess or wash it away.  I found removing this mask a little more difficult as it has a creamy, jelly texture that meant I had to work a little harder to get it off.  However, it smelt amazing while it was on and my skin felt so buttery after using it.  A good one to nourish dry skin.

Matcha + Kaolin Mask

This is a mask that has me written all over it.  Designed to be purifying and and cleansing, this mask uses the ingredients of Matcha Tea and Kaolin Clay to draw out impurities and mattify oily areas.  Smooth this one on and leave for 10 minutes; it’ll dry down and then you can take it off with a wet flannel.  This leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and like I’ve got rid of all of that horrible grime that can build up in my pores.  A definite winner when I’m feeling spotty and oily, which is most of the time!

Volcano Mask

With volcanic rock and clay, this is a self-heating mask that helps to minimise and unclog your pores.  A vibrant red, this mask is smoothed over the face and left for 5 minutes before removing.  A word of warning on removing – use cotton pads instead of a flannel.  There’s something about the red clay in here that stains and takes a few washes to get out.  However, once washed off, your skin will feel refreshed, smooth and less shiny.  A great one to use in combination with the Matcha+Kaolin.

Juicy Mask

With extracts of lemon and glycolic acid in a jelly texture, this is a mask that is designed to lift dull, tired skin.  Apply onto clean skin and leave for 5 minutes before washing off, and you will be left with brighter, smoother skin that has a healthy glow.  This is the perfect pick-me-up after a long week at work!

I really do think that Garnier’s new range of masks have something for everyone and offer good value, good quality products which give visible results – to your mood and your skin!


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